Show 5 - Part 1: News and front of mind

We are halfway to double figures and the Hat is back for Episode 5. This week, it’s back to school as we talk about learning.

Part 1 focuses on the news and what we’ve been up to.

First some exciting news - as promised in our last episode, we managed to get together a repository of all those great etiquette of Microsoft 365. It is maintained in our brand new GreyHatBeard Repo in Github but the best way to view the content is on it’s own site:

Please take a look and let us know if you think there should be other things on there. The best way is to use Github to fork the repo and then submit a Pull Request. Many of you won’t understand that at all then for now, just drop us a message on Twitter and we’ll add the details. Thanks already to Loryan Strant as he has agreed that we can pull many of his tips from his blog series on the subject.