Show 41 - Part 1: Github codespaces, Teams scenes and getting back into the swing of things

Kevin, Al and Garry are back together for the first time in a while and so we tried to find the finest news around to share with you. Unfortunately, Kevin does decide to show his muppets off.

Github codespaces
About billing for Codespaces - GitHub Docs

Daily briefing and MyAnalytics branding updates to reflect Microsoft Viva - Microsoft Tech Community


Together Mode:

CarPlay on Teams

Teams updates - What’s New in Microsoft Teams | August 2021 - Microsoft Tech Community

Microsoft hires former Uber exec to lead a new consumer apps effort - The Verge

Cosmos hacked ChaosDB: How we hacked thousands of Azure customers’ databases | Wiz Blog

kevmcdonk/S4MSC-Twitter: Sample for creating Microsoft Search custom indexes from Twitter data (

 New Discord community for Microsoft Cloud related chat - (sorry, we forgot to mention this one!)


South Coast Summit

Scottish Summit