Show 38 - part 2: a retrospective on modern workplace in the pandemic

On "Freedom Day" in the UK (yes, we are using quotes and yes we're not convinced either), we decided to look back and do a retrospective on the modern workplace in the pandemic. There were no post-it notes involved and thankfully no-one has been assigned a load of tasks to do next but we did talk about:

- What went well
- What went badly
- What should we do more of
- What should we do less of

Below is a list of what we covered but give the show a listen to see what we really thought.

What went well

Work life balance


New ways proved to work

New ways were found as well

Moving to the cloud - resilience

Resilience of Teams

Metrics from employee experience

Disability - choice

What went badly

Learning from people

Appalling powerpoint - next slide please

Communication - too many different ways of doing things - Zoom, Teams, Webex

Water cooler chat and meetings

Impacts to innovation and creativity

Ability to switch off

More time working and not commuting

Back to back meetings

What should we do more of

Objective driven rather than time driven

Data and being data driven

Async comms

Have a natter


What should we do less of

Less meetings without agendas

Less just saying hello

Being in one place

Being rigid

Big changes - smaller and incremental change instead

Photo by Fran on Unsplash