Show 37 - Part 1: Latest news including thoughts on Windows 11, planning in Github and more information protection

This week we are joined by the M365 Princess, independent Microsoft consultant, queen of stickers and open sourceress - Luise Freese! We talk about the latest news including our thoughts on Windows 11 and the associated Teams updates, get impressed by Vesku Nopanen rocking the HoloLens2 and discuss why printers are bad.

Windows 11

Teams enhancements -

  • Support for multiple accounts!!!!

Vesa Nopnanen using Teams with HoloLens Microsoft HoloLens 2 – experiencing the future today – Vesa Nopanen – My Teams & Microsoft 365 Day (

Developer news

Github Project Planning GitHub Issues · Project planning for developers

Connected account tooltip for PnP PowerShell Connected Account tooltip in PowerShell | PnP Samples

Viva and Search

Viva Connections dev model being open in SPFX v1.13 

Viva Topics auto highlighted in SharePoint today

Announcing developer preview of the Microsoft Federated Search Platform - Microsoft Tech Community

Security and compliance

What’s New in Information Protection? - Microsoft Tech Community

Kevin on MVPBuzz with Christian Buckley  - #MVPbuzzChat with Kevin McDonnell – buckleyPLANET

M365 Security & Compliance User Group – Wed 30 June