Show 27 - Part 1: News and front of mind

On 4th February, Satya Nadella announced Microsoft Viva and something changed. This wasn't a pure focus on new technology, this was a focus on Employee Experience, this was a platform to bring together a set of services in a simple way to improve life for employees. We are joined this week by Steve Adams, CEO for CPS, to talk about what this means.

First the news as we talk about Microsoft Lens, some upcoming deadlines to plan for and spinach. Yup spinach.

Office Lens is Renamed to Microsoft Lens

Demo: SharePoint Site Collection Level Permissions

 Turn on or turn off guest access to Microsoft Teams

End of support reminder for Microsoft Edge Legacy

Microsoft sets deadline for end of support of IE 11 by 365 apps

 New security and Compliance Exams

Security Community Webinars

 Scientists have taught spinach to send emails and it could warn us about climate change

Texas officials apologise after 'Chucky' missing child alert

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