Show 24 - Part 2: The GreyHatBeard End of Year Round up

Finally. The end of 2020 is close and this is our last show of the year so we decided to look back at the biggest news and then look forward to what we hope are some better times in 2021. We are joined by two fantastic guests in Laura Graham-Brown (freelance consultanct and queen of Power BI) and Michal Pisarek (CEO at Orchestry  Software) who shared their own thoughts.

We covered three questions with points awarded at the whim of Kevin to decide on two finalists who would defend the indefensible - listen to found out what they tried to defend!

  • Without mentioning Covid, Trump, Brexit or Climate Change, what was the biggest news this year?
  • What do you expect to see in the world of modern workplace for 2021?
  •  What's your suggestion for our lovely listeners for 2021? 

Thank you so much to all who listened to our first year and can't wait to bring you more chat and even more guests in 2021 - happy holidays to all!

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash