Show 22 - Part 1: News and front of mind

The Joy of Migration is this week's topic as we are joined by Paul Bullock who is a member of the PnP Core Team and heavily involved in the SharePoint Modernisation project so we chat about how to go about Microsoft 365 migrations and some of the pain we've faced along the way.

Part 1 covers the latest news including the newly announced Dataverse (watch out for Al's Spiderman impressions), new apps for Teams and a great run through of the lifecycle of an item in SharePoint.


Microsoft 365 Developer Bootcamp 2020

  • Hamburg - Kevin - “Microsoft Search - the what, the why and the how” (Nov 28th)
  • Cologne - Kevin - Adaptive Cards Template Service (Nov 26th)

3 Dec - London Power Platform User Group -

Friday 4 Dec - CollabDays - winter across the alps -

  • Al - Security & Compliance: Core Concepts Explained
  • GHB Panel on etiquette in M365

Microsoft 365 UK (M365UK) User Group (London, United Kingdom) | Meetup

 GlobalCon 4 from Collab 365

  • 1-4 Dec Kevin - “An intro to Knowledge Management with Microsoft 365 including SharePoint Syntex and the rest of Project Cortex”