Show 21 - Part 1: News and front of mind

Telling Stories - more than just a great album by the Charlatans, it is a way to share the benefits of tools like those in the Power Platform. This week we are joined by Clarissa Gillingham as she shares her experience of forming great stories and some great tips for creating your own.

First though, the news as we cover the latest Teams usage numbers, updates to Power Apps and more.

Teams serving 115 million daily active users

Microsoft Teams web getting an updated look and feel

New scenes in Teams

Lego backgrounds for Teams meetings 

SharePoint 2010 Workflows Stopped Yesterday

Import and Export of Microsoft Teams Conversations in Microsoft Graph API

Power your digital transformation with insights from Microsoft Productivity Score - Microsoft 365 Blog

Modern Fluent UI controls in Power Apps (preview) | Microsoft Power Apps

Mobile Offline for Power Apps | Microsoft Power Apps

XrmToolBox – thanks to Carl 'Cookie' Cookson 

 Microsoft Clarity - free tool to view users' heatmaps and replay sessions

Check out our new series GreyHatBeard BiteSize

Microsoft 365 Developer Bootcamp 2020

  • Hamburg - Kevin - “Microsoft Search - the what, the why and the how” (Nov 28th)
  • Cologne - Kevin - Adaptive Cards Template Service (Nov 26th)

3 Nov – Al speaking at Leeds PPUG on Model-Driven Apps for Dummies (and non-Dynamics folks)
9 Nov - Al speaking on Productivity in an age of Collaboration via the Reactor London
13 Nov - Al speaking at M365 Chicago -

 GlobalCon 4 from Collab 365

  • 10 Nov - Turbo Tuesday - Al - Ceremonies for Productivity & Knowledge
  • 1-4 Dec Kevin - “An intro to Knowledge Management with Microsoft 365 including SharePoint Syntex and the rest of Project Cortex”
  • 1-4 Dev Clarissa - "How to transition from SharePoint to CDS"